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Here’s what people are saying about Owl Optical shop in Minneapolis, MN.
From our family to you – thank you!

Just go, you won’t regret it for a second and you’ll never go to another optical shop again — I know I haven’t!

For years, I searched the area for a great optical shop. I’ve tried nearly all the well known and many of the lesser known ones. Then about 10 years ago, I found Owl Optical and I’ve never had to look anywhere else again.

The staff is amazing — extremely knowledgeable, super helpful, and friendly as can be. I feel more like an old friend or family when I’m there and I 100% believe that they want long term customers with whom they can build real relationships — not just to sell you something like so many other shops in the area. They’ve really helped guide me to frames that I would not have picked on my own, but which I’ve been the happiest with that I’ve ever been with how my frames look, feel, and perform.

Then there’s their selection which IMO is far above anywhere else I’ve gone in terms of uniqueness, quality, and style…Their expertise on lens selection is one of the other things that won me over as a loyal client.  They introduced me to the various types of progressive lenses and when I found “digital” progressives I’ve never gone back to the old kind that all the other shops in town sold me. 

Prices at Owl Optical are also really competitive, but I would happily pay more for their service, knowledge, and simply knowing that I’m going to be happy as heck with whatever I get. 

It might also be worth mentioning that they have on on-site optometrist and my prescriptions have been super accurate. No issues like I’ve had elsewhere in the past.

What else can I say? Owl Optical is simply the best optical shop I’ve ever found. I won’t be going anywhere else as long as they’re around!

Steven F - Yelp

I traveled 160 miles to visit the most welcoming Owl this weekend. I walked through the doors once, twice, three times but I knew within the first 5 minutes that I had found “my frames”. My new, iconic, black Cutler and Gross frames not only fit my face perfectly, they fit my spirit. Trendy. Bold. Fun. Owl Optical has no competition, in my humble opinion and it was so much fun talking with Chris and Julie. It is great to be an “Owl”!

Faye E. - Facebook

I had never needed glasses until very recently, and I’m so glad I made the decision to stop into Owl Optical! The staff were fantastic and the service left me very satisfied! I look forward to coming back again and again!

Joe H. - Facebook

The kindest knowledgeable people with best glasses in town. That easy. Win Win for everyone!

Raoul III - Facebook

Thank you for professional service and warm reception in your shop. I adore my new glasses— the first pair you picked out for me!

Holly C. - Facebook

I’ve been getting my eyeglasses and lenses at Owl optical since they opened. I recently saw their ophthalmologist for my lens prescription. I can’t say enough about the value of the great full service they offer and nearby too.

Cory B. - MyTime

Fantastic, knowledgeable, and informative owners. Good selection of styles. What more can you ask for. A great place to do business.

Robert S. - Google Reviews

Really good shop. Owl optical has well curated, eclectic collection of glasses you wouldn’t find at chain stores. They’ve got Matsuda and Seraphin, which are tougher to find makes in the twin cities, as well as a slew of other great options. The customer service was on point and overall it was a great experience.

Jonathan W. - Google Reviews

Well worth the drive from the east metro! Super friendly owners, great selection of unique frames. I felt comfortable saying, “What do you suggest?” Quick turn around to get my new glasses, especially over the holidays. Would highly recommend.

Francine P. - Yelp

Great support in choosing frames plus a selection of classic styles that are hard to find elsewhere.

Kyle F. - MyTime

Fabulous. Fabulous. Terrific frames and lenses. The customer service and care is second to none. Perfection

CS - Yelp

Absolutely the best eyeglass buying experience that I have had!!
 Remarkable selection of frames and the highest quality service imaginable.You will be missing out if you don’t visit this store when you are ready to purchase glasses.

Mark Y. - Yelp

Fantastic! Wonderful variety and many affordable selections. Personal, friendly and professional customer service!

Debra B. - Google Reviews

Fabulous concept store and products. I don’t think I’ve found as many unique and eclectic options for eye wear anywhere else in Minneapolis.

All of the frames they carry at Owl are beautiful works of art, most of them handcrafted from unique and exotic materials. I found the customer service to be fantastic. My husband bought some frames and his experience with the staff both during and after the sale were stellar.

They go the extra mile to ensure that you end up with a one-of-a-kind look that not only matches your personality, your facial shape, etc., but also your lifestyle. If you are the kind of person who demands quality and is one step ahead of trends when it comes to your eye wear then this is the place for you.

Michael K - Yelp

I went in to check out some Moscot Lemtosh frames since Owl seems to be the only store in the area that carries them. The vibe was super chill, with no upselling or added pressure. I had a mask on and Chris, the co-owner, asked if I would be more comfortable if he put on one as well (I really appreciated that). I ended up buying more “adventurous” frames than I ever have before and I think it’s because I felt so comfortable throughout the experience. Highly recommend.

Doug S - Yelp